We humans fear the beast within the wolf because we do not understand the beast within ourselves.

- Gerald Hausman -


About US

How does one get into doing web pages you ask? Let me give you a little background. Years ago, when the first personal computers came out, I wanted to play games. The old C64 and a lot of typing allowed me to do this. Then high school showed the introduction of the 8088 "home" computer with the large 5 1/4" single sided floppies. Shortly after this I went into the Marine Corps and spent 5 years working electronics on F/A 18 Hornets, but had to put my computer gaming on hold. In 1992, I married a wonderful woman who knew more abut MS Windows 3.1 then I had a clue about, I was working on huge computer ran test equipment, but I knew I wanted to play games again. This desire led me down the path of BBS (Bulletin Board systems). The first consumer online experience one might say outside of universities. This then led me to experiment and play. In 1994 we relocated to the Mid Willamette Valley and settled into life in Oregon. Since then I have worked for Hewlett Packard. The Last 10 years I have been Systems Information Technologist and Software Support Engineering.

How does all this get us to doing web pages though. Because of being the local "techie", I was being asked to help out with community web sites, computer repair and diagnostics, advising in different technical roles. It finally came though when my mom, a realtor, needed some help and the price for her to do it through someone else was more than I wanted to see her spend, out of that came Mid Willamette Valley Web Design.

I will not promise you the latest flashy web technology, but I will promise you a personal touch. I will work with you to provide something you are happy with at a reasonable price. I am not trying to make myself rich by making you pay outlandish prices for something that every business should be able to have. I am simply offering a service for a reasonable price to help us all do a bit better in these changing economic times.

- sean -

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